The Places we Love

Here we like to showcase for you the wonderful places that have been visited, inspected and experienced first-hand by staff right across the Spencer Group of Companies.

Exploring the world, inspecting and assessing hotels, airlines, cruise-lines, resorts and restaurants are all part of our business travel services offered exclusively to you as a business customer.

If there is a corporate cruise in Sydney that you want to go on, our team of experts can best advise you.

What Sets Us Apart?

Our first-hand experience of places is what sets us apart from the other corporate travel services. Rest assured that with us you are getting the most direct and honest way of planning your corporate and business travel.

Remember our staff has been to the actual places so you can trust them when it comes to information they provide you about those places.

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Happy travels!

These recollections are generated by staff from the Spencer Group of Companies after they return from business or personal travel to the places listed. Their first-hand experiences are personal, reflect their own experiences in those places at that time, and by no means guarantee that other travellers will enjoy the very same experience.

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